Sound Master Custom Tube Guitar Amplifier
Sound Master Custom Tube Guitar Amplifier
Sound Master Custom Tube Guitar Amplifier
Sound Master Custom Tube Guitar Amplifier
Sound Master Custom Tube Guitar Amplifier

Sound Master Custom Tube Guitar Amplifier

Release version 1.0.7
Regular price$137.00

The Sound Master Custom Tube Guitar Amplifier plugin is born to reproduce in your virtual rig the classic American guitar amplifier sounds.

Modeled on a Fender Tone Master* Custom Shop 100-watt hand made and point-to-point wired all-tube head, the Sound Master Custom Tube Guitar Amplifier is a tone lab plugin capable of reproducing classic guitar sounds and beyond.


From clean tones to heavily overdriven distortion, the Sound Master Custom Tube Guitar Amplifier plugin has two separate channels with independent volume and tone controls:

  • Channel A is pure American tone with the most beautiful sparkling cleans
  • Channel B has separate Gain and Master Volume knobs so you can drive the preamp for more aggressive sounds.

With Sound Master Custom Tube Guitar Amplifier is possible to choose between six different guitar cabinets, four microphone emulations with on/off axis position switch, continuous position and distance knobs. 

A complete Mixer section with SolosMutesPans and Faders allows you to blend together the two microphones with the ambience.


Impulse Loader lets you load up to three third-party impulse responses that you can even blend together using volume, pan, phase, solo and mute controls.

A useful browser window has been added so you can easily search through all your third-party IR files.  


Noise Gate section plus a Cleaner circuit to reduce rumbling and harshness is included


Legal Disclaimer:

Fender Tone Master is a registered trademark of Fender Musical Instrument Corporation. Sound Master was developed by Nembrini Audio SRL based on its own modelling techniques. Fender Musical Instrument Corporation has not endorsed nor sponsored the Sound Master in any manner, nor licensed any intellectual property for use in this product.


FREE iLok License Manager and iLok account needed.


Plugin Formats

A VST2, VST3, AAX or AudioUnits compatible host


An Intel compatible or Apple Silicon CPU 1GB RAM, Mac OS 10.9 or newer, Windows 7 or newer, 64-bit DAW

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
hugo jean

Nembrini Audio make TOP QUALITY plugin. YOU NEED to give a try !

Fender on Steroids

Some sort of hot-rod-Fender with some additional British character, but the American voicing is the dominant one.

Channel A is an excellent choice for typical American clean sounds but higher Volume settings also allow beautiful crunch to overdrive sounds, with or without mid-scoop.

Changing to channel B results in a lot more gain, , some sort of Fender on steroids tone.

For my taste already too much treble, but properly adjusted you get some really good sounds, even more after having readjusted input and output controls.

Activating the fat switch in this channel changed the sound, it gets some British rawness, you can even play nasty Grunge to Metal riffs. Nevertheless the sound still differs from a typical Marshall but also from a Mesa Boogie, it has it's own character.

Nevertheless this is no modern Metal amp, the basic tone are vintage voiced, but with more gain. Dynamic reaction as much as harmonics reproduction is excellent.

Certainly no amp / plugin, which automatically sounds right, but once you have learned, how to adjust this plugin properly, you can get really good sounding tones, which you hardly will get from other amps / plugins.

Versatile Classic American Tone

This amp is a joy to play and responds well to picking dynamics. The first channel is perfect for vintage tones that I would put in the Harvard amp category. Turn on the Fat switch and get a spongy, Tweed feel. The Second channel has a really great drive section that retains its clarity. Great late 70's through mid 90's rocking' tones are easy to get in this channel.

David Grohl from the Foo Fighters had at least two of these Fender Tone Masters in his collection and you can definitely get that vibe with Nembrini Audio's plug in. Highly recommended!

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