Hivolt 103 Custom Guitar Amplifier
Hivolt 103 Custom Guitar Amplifier
Hivolt 103 Custom Guitar Amplifier
Hivolt 103 Custom Guitar Amplifier
Hivolt 103 Custom Guitar Amplifier
Hivolt 103 Custom Guitar Amplifier
Hivolt 103 Custom Guitar Amplifier

Hivolt 103 Custom Guitar Amplifier

Release version 1.0.2
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“A milestone of Classic British high-end tone”

Hivolt 103 Custom Guitar  Amplifier plugin is based on a vintage Hiwatt* DR103 year 1970 with original Partridge transformer and military point-to-point wiring, made available by Rock 'n' Vintage musical instruments.

Hivolt 103 Custom Guitar  Amplifier plugin is a 2 channels amplifier with shared EQ for both channels. It has 4 inputs, 2 for each channel (normal and brilliant). Hi inputs are DOWN and LO inputs are UP. Patching of channels works here, and you can blend for additional versatility.

All amplifier parameters knobs work as EQ/drive controls basically, they are very interactive and very responsive.

  • Normal and Brilliant channels with independent High and Low inputs for each channel. Versatile and intuitive, perfect for bringing life out of dark pickups or taming shrill high end in bright pickups.
  • Link the two channels for extra punch and dynamic control of your EQ via the independent channel volumes.

With Hivolt 103 Custom Guitar Amplifier is possible to choose between six different guitar cabinets, four microphone emulations with on/off axis position switch, continuous position and distance knobs. 

A complete Mixer section with SolosMutesPans and Faders allows you to blend together the two microphones with the ambience.


Impulse Loader lets you load up to three third-party impulse responses that you can even blend together using volume, pan, phase, solo and mute controls.

A useful browser window has been added so you can easily search through all your third-party IR files.  


Noise Gate section plus a Cleaner circuit to reduce rumbling and harshness is included


Legal Disclaimer:

Hiwatt DR103 is a registered trademark of Hiwatt Electronics Ltd. Hivolt 103 was developed by Nembrini Audio SRL based on its own modelling techniques. Hiwatt Electronics Ltd has not endorsed nor sponsored the Hivolt 103 in any manner, nor licensed any intellectual property for use in this product.


FREE iLok License Manager and iLok account needed.


Plugin Formats

A VST2, VST3, AAX or AudioUnits compatible host


An Intel compatible or Apple Silicon CPU 1GB RAM, Mac OS 10.9 or newer, Windows 7 or newer, 64-bit DAW

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michele Oliva

Vero Good plugin!

François t.
the perfect pedal platform

this amp sounds great by itself,.but legendary with pretty much any kind of overdrive/distorsion pedal in front of it..

the Power section saturation is an important factor and is emulated meticulously here.. not enough gain? you need to open up the power section!

the cab section is great, theres no purple fane available but its replaced by the vht with p50 who has a similar tone. anyway, just load any purple fane base ir and you're done..

dont forget you can jumper the inputs to have access to différent tones!

David L'Abbée

Compared to the Marshall Super Lead, this amp sounds so much RICHER and more COMPLEXE. The low end is incredible, the mids are very well balanced and the high end is extremely detailed. I never played a real DR103, but this simulation is extremely versatile and sounds/feels like a million bucks!
Highly recommended!

One of the best amp sims I've heard

I've tried and owned a pile of amp sims over the years and as far as the Hiwatts and Plexis go, this one very well may be on the top of the heap. Responds very well to either hardware or software Rangemaster, sounds totally dope thru the included Seacow M1960 cabs. Literally the only amp sim that has ever sparked the creative synergy I get with my real amps.

The other British tone

Long overdue, that this legendary amp gets a good simulation, as it has a very special, very own sound, which, despite of some, also existing similarities, rather differs more from a typical vintage Vox, Marshall or Orange. From modern high-gain amps anyway completely.

Some sort of very unique clean to semi-clean British sound, which you hardly can get out of modern multi-channel-amps as little as out of any pedals. Think of the typical The Who or Pink Floyd sound, cleaner than a Plexi, but with good dynamics, excellent harmonics and, if needed, a lot of sustain due to the vintage power amp saturation.

For me personally these British clean to decent, transparent overdrive tones always sounded very fascinating and I always preferred them over any typical American clean to semi-clean tones.

Typical Nembrini quality, sonically as good and convincing as the Voice DC30, the MRH159 or the Faceman.

The P50E speakers seem to do a good job, but I personally would have preferred a cabinet with some - in my opinion - more authentic Fane (Purpleback) speakers instead. Or alternatively a cabinet with some Goodmans or Simms Watts speakers. But ok, at least some Fane IR's you can easily get somewhere else and load them by yourself.

Addition: After some time I find the P50E's doing a really good job here, even if they may not be authentic.

The Clon Minotaur and even more the Black Distortion sound great in front of this amp.

Great work, thank you.

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