Quinta Pitch Machine
Quinta Pitch Machine
Quinta Pitch Machine
Quinta Pitch Machine

Quinta Pitch Machine

Release version 1.0.4
Regular price$49.00

The Quinta Pitch Machine plugin is more than your standard octave in that it not only gives you notes an octave up and an octave down, but also gives you a fifth up.

Each of the three intervals is dialled in proportion with its knob, and you get a mix knob to blend dry and pitch-shifted sound, this runs from totally dry to pitch-shifted.


Quinta Pitch Machine plugin comes with 4 knobs. Three of these are used to add in the extra notes.

  • +1 OCTAVE knob adds a note that is 1 octave higher than the note you play on your instrument.
  • -1 OCTAVE adds a note that is 1 octave lower than the note you play.
  • +1 FIFTH adds a note that is a fifth higher than the note you play on your instrument.

The last control on your Quinta Pitch Machine plugin is the MIX control. This adjusts the balance between the natural signal coming from your instrument as you play it and the whole configuration of added octaves and fifths you have set up via the other knobs on your Quinta Pitch Machine plugin.


FREE iLok License Manager and iLok account needed.



Plugin Formats

A VST2, VST3, AAX or AudioUnits compatible host


An Intel compatible or Apple Silicon CPU 1GB RAM, Mac OS 10.9 or newer, Windows 7 or newer, 64-bit DAW

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michael S
Nice pitch shifter, latency limits use

Good plug and sounds good, but with limitations. For slower, lower tempo pace, this works fine. Gives really cool deep "monster" tones for heavy single note lines/monophonic riffs. Main drawback here, as other reviews have mentioned, is latency that makes it difficult to use on guitar with higher tempo. I've not tried rendering with it applied in a daw so don't know if it renders with same latency as if played live, but might be worth checking. Really best used for slower tempos. Seems to sound better placed before the amp - especially in higher frequencies. Maybe play around with signal boosts in front of the plug as latency might be lower with hotter signal coming in. Seems to maybe track faster with humbuckers. Again, it sounds good - comparable to octavers used decades ago - just expect that that even today's higher processing speeds still come with a lag.

Latency on HQ setting

Sounds really good and no latency unless on HQ settings, which is not a huge problem, not one which it should have though

Diego Comis

Sounds amazing, but there's too much latency.

Rhoades D'Ablo
Great effect...period

I was in a rut with finding tones that inspired me, then I came across this little guy and what the bloody Hell? I've been going deep in the rabbit hole with this one....and despite the other reviews I've read on here, I've had NO problem with latency issues. The ARP pre-set is worth the price of admission, alone.
Nembrini is my go to source for guitar and bass tones in my tracks. I've used and use other amp sims and effects, but I use Nembrini on every session I produce.
You guys are tits!

'+1 Fifth

Simple and useful stomp pitch shifter plugin with +1 fifth.
It has little bit of latency probably because the fifth, is not like +-1 octave which is possible reach without latency.
With High Q parameter off during playing reduce the latency.

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