Nexus Subhost/Standalone Plugins Host
Nexus Subhost/Standalone Plugins Host
Nexus Subhost/Standalone Plugins Host

Nexus Subhost/Standalone Plugins Host

Release version 1.1.1
Regular price$99.00

ATTENTION : Nexus is free for those who have already purchased Plugin Rig. Simply download and install

"Nexus is an audio processing tool that offers high-quality sound manipulation capabilities in both standalone and plugin formats"


Nexus is a plugin that hosts other plugins in VST, VST3, and AU format

Third-Party Plugin Support

Nexus is fully capable of recognizing and loading third-party plugins, expanding the user’s creative palette with a wide range of external audio processing tools


Nexus operates not only as a plugin within a DAW but also as a standalone application

Parameter Controls

The parameters of all loaded plugins are fully automatable within your DAW and can be
adjusted using MIDI control surface


Nexus is equipped with a variety of built-in plugins, offering a robust selection of tools for immediate use in audio production


The SCENES feature allows you to switch between 8 different plugin states and connections within a preset. Change scenes manually or via MIDI for quick adaptation during live shows or studio sessions.


FREE iLok License Manager and iLok account needed.


Plugin Formats

A VST2, VST3, AAX or AudioUnits compatible host


An Intel compatible or Apple Silicon CPU 1GB RAM, Mac OS 10.9 or newer, Windows 7 or newer, 64-bit DAW

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
amazing but can be even better

Nexus is an amazing plugin , you can mix all your plugins and mix them , now with the scene its so easy to make your own tones i will be very happy if nexus can add an oversampling option x2 >x4 >x8

pretty cool for complex beats

You can do complex beats with it and add more and more vst effect plugins so thats the software that you need for making IDM music a7nd other complex electronic genres... even very 7nice for ambient sound design and a lot more.. 5 stars from 5 stars... very good

Exactly what I have been looking for.

First of all I would like to thank Nembrini Audio for such a wonderful standalone+vst.
You can easily create a chain of vst effects and with their standalone software of Nexus you can apply these effects on your live microphone.
Best way to improve quality of your live microphone for live performance or for streaming.

Leigh Albrigt
Nexus subhost

I found it quite complex and confusing, I'm sure it's brilliant and very clever however.
The machado is virtually useless and I'm not able to connect midi but newbie like me e will need Youtube and time to work it out. I'm not dissatisfied in anyway I just wish it came with better instructions

Rodney Jones
Incredibly useful - It just works

I was looking for just such a solution. I wanted to be able to wire up my guitar plugins with various other plugins for some quick guitar practice without having to boot up a full DAW and Nexus met my needs. I haven't found a single plugin that fails to load or render correctly. Awesome tool!

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