Live Rig Standalone Plugin Host
Live Rig Standalone Plugin Host
Live Rig Standalone Plugin Host

Live Rig Standalone Plugin Host

Release version 1.0.6

Live Rig is a standalone low latency suite to host your Nembrini Audio plugins.

This is a perfect environment for the modern Guitar Player who wants to create and organize his entire virtual guitar amplifier and FX chain. Now you can create, save and recall your Nembrini Audio plugin chains.

You can load up to 12 Nembrini Audio plugins in series, drag and drop plugins in any free slot, swap plugins, copy/paste and individually bypass any plugin easily and also add a Plugin Rig instance in any Live Rig slot, so you can save your favourite default FX Chain and integrate it with the new FX in a simple way.



Guitar amplifier

Clon Minotaur

Transparent Overdrive


Distortion stomp plugin


Overdrive stomp plugin


Fast accurate tuning in a single plugin or iOS App

Live Rig comes with five FREE plugins preinstalled:

  • Crunck V2, completely redesigned Nembrini first plugin, the Cranck VST Amp.
  • Analog Rack Chorus, inspired by the most famous Chorus pedals and rack effect units.
  • Analog Rack Delay, all the power of Nembrini Audio’s delay algorithms in an easy to use interface.
  • Analog Rack Cleaner, high pass and low pass filters to clear up low-end rumble and high-frequency noise.
  • Analog Rack Noise Gate, powerful guitar and bass noise gate.
  • NA808, overdrive pro based on the legendary Japanese green pedal.

Plugin Formats

A VST2, VST3, AAX or AudioUnits compatible host


An Intel compatible or Apple Silicon CPU 1GB RAM, Mac OS 10.9 or newer, Windows 7 or newer, 64-bit DAW

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Get this if you own any Nembrini plugins.

I only use this for just jamming at home with all my killer Nembrini plugins. It works great. No need to fire up a DAW.

MIDI control please!

As great as this sounds on an iPad (using Focusrite iTrack Dock), without useful patch call-up and tap tempo, it's pretty well a one trick pony. Yes you can switch effects in and out, and I suppose if you had a large pedalboard that might give you enough variation for a set. But I have an FBV Express II, so 4 pedals, can't do a lot with that. And tap tempo is an absolute must for me.
Other quirks: The tuner can't be brought to full screen without using your fingers, so no good on stage. Means I'd have to take a physical pedal, or use one on the iPad and not see the Rig.
Cannot open the edit screen for each effect just by tapping on it, and when you open it with "show" you have to close it with the little x on the effect. I know on stage this isn't vital, but it makes adjustments tedious even when setting it up at home.

It's already been mentioned somewhere about the long list of effects brought into view when you try to insert one - far better to have them in folders by type. Having to scroll through every effect is a pain.

This could really give BIAS FX2 a run for its money. I love the sound of these plugins, really natural and great on a live electro-acoustic guitar (though there's some intermittent noise coming from the analogue chorus pedal). The ability to have the sound directed to just one mono output is actually incredibly useful (and BIAS cannot do that) because I'm trying to build a live rig with a vocal chain separately processed, and that needs to go through an independent output. So I can feed the sound person a mic and a guitar channel. Never easy doing your own vocal/guitar balance from the stage.

All in all this shows real promise, but looking a t the timeline of updates I'm not holding my breath for serious development here. May have to use just the plugins in Audiobus, but I'd still miss tap tempo, which I think just about every other app of this type supports. Hey devs, wanna give us some hope? How much do I need to invest in your company for this to get some attention - 10K, 20K....?

N Bizzo
Needs midi switching option

The live rig host would certainly most benefit from the ability to switch full presets as well as individual plugins in and out of any created signal chain.

I emailed about this and was told this would addressed in a future update but sadly it seems this hasn’t been addressed that I can find.

There is a midi option in the settings but the live rig host doesn’t seem to have any midi learning functions for the above mentioned application.

Which ironically removes the “live” aspect out of the live rig host, with no ability to switch through saved presets or even individual fx/plugins in and out of the chain. It becomes rendered to single use function only unfortunately, which is a shame because the plugins are so good.

Would be nice to switch from a solid rhythm tone to a sick lead tone (especially with those lush delay and chorus fx) or a nice chimney clean tone in real time.

Other than that it works great and the tones are definitely there to spend hours of enjoyment on.

Unless there has been update that has in fact addressed this and I just haven’t been able to find it.

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