Activate and Use my Plugins with an iLok Dongle

1. Download your plugins and install them

Download your plugin(s).

Make sure your DAW is closed, as it will need to scan in the newly installed plugin(s) after the installation.

Once plugin(s) have finished downloading, locate them in your downloads folder and double-click to unzip and run the installer.

2. Sign In to the iLok License Manager

If you still do not have it on your computer, download the latest iLok installer for your operating system and install it.

After opening the iLok License Manager application, sign in with your iLok user ID and password.

3. Plug in your iLok dongle to your computer

4. Activate your license in iLok License Manager

Navigate to the available tab to locate your newly deposited iLok license(s). Then, click-and-drag the iLok license(s) to your desired iLok dongle and click "OK" to confirm iLok license activation.

5. Enjoy!

Launch your DAW after installation has completed and ENJOY!